Eleven O’ Eleven

11.11 post meridiem
Standing on my black Airwalk
Close the eyes in the crowd
Feel the air strike my hair and pass my shoulder
No, I don’t even feel the “empty in the crowd” like some songs always sang about

11.11 ante meridiem
Your eyes meet mine
We hang a hope as the smile rises
But, wait!
We were on rush, busy with our job and tasks
You clearly said, “I love you,” in hurry and I laughed as the answer

11.11 post meridiem
People on their dream, with the blanket cover up their body
Release their dizziness over the day
They share the warmth, as we were doing tonight
I wake up, escape from your hug
So I stare at your face and kiss your lips
Whispering “I love you,” on your right ear

11.11  ante meridiem
Music plays
A wake up song but it wasn’t like a Wake Up Call from Maroon V
It’s funny because “we were friends and lovers and clueless clowns”
We argue about how to pronounce Keane in a right way because I have no idea to spell their name
But we never take it serious more than when you sing Somewhere Only We Know
While I misspronouncing between know and knew

11.11 post meridiem
Talk to God
People said, God hears everything you prayed about
You know, you are my favorite human in the universe, my favorite name I talked to God recently
It really doesn’t matter what I prayed about
But I always wondering do your pray in one labyrinth as mine?
Do we talk the same thing to God?
I hope so
Because I always sing “you know I love you so”

11.11 ante meridiem
You do multitasks
String on your Ernie Ball and draw on your Wacom
I always know you can’t choose between those two
And you do things beyond imagination, draw the world with your brush
As you realized our story more colorful than your dozens Acrylic


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